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Monday, 14-Jul-2008 18:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Where Have We Been...?

Mummy yg sgt sibuk ngn kejenye... Alhamdullillah, everything goes as plan. U Mobile finally came out in market as schedule (udah 3 kali delay tarikhnye). I think this was the the weirdess project life cycle i had gone thru. We cut to system to production before UAT even starts. We did UAT in production environment... Memang pelik!! But we had gone thru it and now here we are! On paper ads n last week we are on TV ads. Dah rollout doesnt mean mummy leh goyang kaki la yea... byk production issues nak kena nengok!! Takpe... yg penting mummy tidak perlu la nak stay back lagi or masuk ofis sesubuh bening lagi!!

Wats new about AA? They are going to be 3 years nxt week. Mulut dah mcm bertih goreng - cakap tak berhenti. Std statement bile masuk keta, "DD kuat2 skit please!!!". Both loves music to the max. Aini leh head banging la ni - kat mana dpt skill tuh tak pasti plak!!? May be ngn anak2 bbsitter kot!! Both of them sker makan pedas2. Agaknye masa preggy dulu sker mkn pedas2 kot!! Fav food nasi lemak (aina akan cakap mummy pedas la skit!! if dia tgk nasi putih melepak!!), asam pedas, paprik ayam, masak lemak kuning labu, mee hoon goreng and fav drinks - air putih!! Besides than lauk pedas2 they loves bayam masak air, bubur ayam, cheese, lemak putih kobis, sayur pok choy goreng, taucu lemak... Tauce lemak ni idea mak julie. Mummy try n they seems to love it!! Kesihatan mereka jugak tambah baik lately!! Even they were inhaler before, but since this year dah tak pakai inhaler lagi. Demam besa tu ada jugak, but tak la melarat sgt mcm dulu... Oooo... mereka belum graduate toilet train lagi. Still in diapers!! Mummy rasa mcm susah skit la yea - sbb weekend je ngn mummy kat umah tak pakai diapers, senin sampai jumaat, dok umah bbsitter pki diapers, so mmg lambat la nak graduate. Takpe, mummy akan cuba jugak sampai berjaya!!

Photo attached gambar Aini main guitar... i was shocked when i look at it, sbb cara pegang gitar mcm reti la main kan! Jari bagus punye letak atas gitar. Ni masa ngn mama ujie (photo taken by my talented SIL - ujie), bile mummy tgh sibuk keje... enjoice the picture... Truly fall in love with the shots!! TQ mama!!!

More photos here ->

Monday, 7-Jul-2008 11:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Fuh!! Finally it is over... That means our mom hv a lil more time to update FP yg dah berabuk lagi bersawang ini... be back with more stories!!

photo courtesy mama ujie

Tuesday, 22-Apr-2008 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I wake up at about 5am today, notice that i hv missed call from my best fren Camelia at 4.45am. Together with it, i got an sms from her saying that Johan, our dearest fren Ateh's hubby passed away an hour before due to the heart attack... Terduduk jap masa baca sms tuh... I sat down n broke to tears especially when thinking abt her current condition - she is going to delivery their 1st bb anytime now. She is not having a chance to celebrate her 1st yr anniversary with Johan... Berat sungguh dugaan Tuhan ini. That really strikes me and how bersyukur am i when i look at dd n the my two lil ones yg tgh syok tido masa tuh... We pay her a visit during lunch... No words come out from my mouth, i just hug her and i cant even manage to hide my tears when i saw her... She is such one strong lady - she went to masjid n even send her hubby for the last time... If it were to be me, i dont think i cant be as strong as her....

Ateh, i know this is a very tough moment for you... Doakan you kuat semangat and sentiasa tabah dengan dugaan Tuhan ini... We be here for you n please let us know anything that we can do to help you to go thru all this... Ya Allah, tempatkanlah Johan ngn golongan orang2 yg beriman... Al-Fatihah

photo taken last year June last year, on their wedding day

i am very bizzy bee since last month as my current project is under testing... together with too many issues need to b resolve at work.. wasnt been and will not be able to update my FP atleast till end May. Did visit FP kengkawan, but lalu jer kan... takdan nak drop any words. Be back once work is back to normal

Saturday, 23-Feb-2008 04:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
37 Today

Well, i guess there is no big different that the other days...Being 37, i just feel blessed by having all the people i love and who love me back around me. When i wake up this morning, my phone is full with text from good old frens who is always be there during the bad and good time.. Thx to u all... My 2 lil As n dd sing a birthday song on the way sending me to work this morning. Aina n Aini siap tadah tangan konon mcm ada cake on top of their hands... ask me to blow 'the candle' n cut 'the cake'.. Wonderful, that is more than enough for me.

Wednesday, 13-Feb-2008 00:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Berkelah @ Isi Rimba

lil chef iman tgh sibuk masak
together with lil chef ameer
jue n azza dok observe anak2
View all 41 photos...
What did we do last CNY hols? We have join some FP mummies berkelah di kemensah. Masa dpt sms Azza mmg kena sgt la sbb we all mmg takde plan apa pun masa CNY hols tuh. Even AA baru je recover demam mlm ni, i gagah jugak la meggediks nak join kan?

The place yg tlh dibook oleh Jue, mmg best. Anak2 bermain riang walaupun the 'late' picnicers like us idak mandi2 sungai. Daddies yg sporting and of course la mummies yg best. Food dia sedap n fresh (kan Jue?). Rasa mcm makan kat umah jer... esp part lauk ikan masin n the asam pedas even we miss the sambal belacan n ulam2an. We mkn terawal skit...

The kids are hving lots of fun. Even Sara yg idak brp sihat masa tuh, pun main n sempat take her naps. Kesian dia udah la tak sedap badan, datang la pulak si Aini yg asyik la dok provoke Sara. Lagi keriau la Sara. Aina sgt gembira sbb Azza tlh bawa permainan kegemaran dia. Leka dia duk menyusun puzzle tuh suma. Ameer yg sgt aktif akhirnye kalah ngn Anas & anak Ziana... depa gelakkan dia like 'HAHAHAHA...!!' and keep on repeating the laughing sampai Ameer ngadu ngn ummi. Iman seperti biasa, pandai membawak diri and amat senang bergaul ngn suma org. She mmg bukan jenis byk ragamla... I really adore Iman. I remember this question from Anas to Shahreen masa dd abis main paint ball ngn Uncle Ghaz - 'Nape Uncle tembak Anas? bikin all of us gelak besar masa tuh. I think he might wan to ask - 'Nape uncle main tembak2, tak ajak Anas?' It is more like it la i rasa but some how terkuar ayat lain dr mulut dia. Anas mmg comel!!

I think AA mmg seronot abis ler, sbb both fall asleap even before we reach the exit at zoo negara. And continue sleeping sampai kul 7 padi esk harinye... without ngigau ke apa? When they wake up the next morning, they look so fresh (after almost 14 hrs of sleep) - to my surprise idung yg dok meleleh masa berkelah semlmnye was like not there at all. Adakah virusnye berpindah ke anak2 yg lain. Ampun sekiranye iye yea...

the mummies n kids yg sakan berkelah

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